CefamWhat does CE stand for?

The CE marking of a plant or product is considered to be a uniform standard throughout Europe to ensure compliance with the requirements set by the EU, as well as to comply with the pre-commissioning and production requirements. The CE marking must be applied to all plants and products which are subject to one or more EU directives due to their nature. However, the CE mark is not a seal of quality, but an administrative symbol that expresses the ability of a product to be free traded on the market in the European Economic Area. It thus acts as a type of passport for products on the European market and facilitates market surveillance and product marketing control.

CefamWhat Services does CEfAM offer?

CefamWhat Services does CEfAM

CEFAM primarily offers services that refer to CE marking of automation systems. The focus is set on the installation of new plants, but also on changes or renewals of existing plants. A complete CE conformity assessment includes the following services:


Research of relevant standards

Review of harmonized standards


Identification of possible danger

Creation of a hazard list

Determination of the safety requirements


Preparation of technical documentation

Preparation of the EC Declaration of Conformity


Creation of a risk analysis

Implementation of the conformity assessment procedure


Attaching the CE marking

In addition, customers are advised on the purchase of plants with regard to CE conformity. Based on the long-term market experience of the CEfAM founder, Mr. Kebekus, in the area of automation, an assessment of the CE conformity can be given before the purchase. This is particularly important in the case of imported plants from abroad without an existing CE marking. In addition to carrying out the CE conformity assessment, CEfAM also offers the implementation of CE processes within the company.

CefamTarget Group

CEfAM's range of services is primarily aimed at customers who do not have an internal CE representative or implemented CE process in their company. CEfAM addresses particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the industry. The services offered serve as external support for those companies which do not have the human resources or the necessary know-how in the field of CE marking.


Through the cooperation with Kebekus Industrie Service (K.I.S.) synergy effects can be used: during the programming and / or commissioning of the plant by K.I.S. the CE conformity can already be checked. Through offering service packages with attractive prices, customers can benefit from this cooperation.

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